Animal Tissue Pickup Request Form

This service is for the disposal of experimental animal tissue and carcasses. You may dispose of animal bedding by this method if it contains pathogenic agents. No other materials are permitted.

  1. If pathogens are present in the waste, identify above and affix a biohazard sticker to each box.
  2. Boxes will be incinerated at 1600 to 1800ºF. This incinerator is inappropriate for the disposal of chemicals. Chemicals present in the waste must be in quantities small enough to be inconsequential. If present, please identify any toxic chemicals above.
  3. Place tissues in a plastic bag and box. If needed to keep bag from moving, surround with packing materials approved by Environment, Health & Safety.
  4. Seal boxes with tape and freeze completely to prevent leakage.
  5. Boxes must not exceed 40 lbs (or 20 kg). On each box, write the approximate box weight and write the weight of the heaviest box above.
  6. One form is sufficient for more than one box provided the information on the form is the same for all boxes. Attach this form to one box.
  7. Pickup time is after 9:00 AM on Wednesday and Friday. Place boxes on your loading dock at 9:00 AM.
  8. Send request via web to schedule or cancel a waste pickup.

Please fill out the following information and press the "Submit" button at the bottom.

Building/Loading Dock:*
Number of Boxes of Animal Waste:**
Are there any special precautions? Please identify pathogens and toxic chemicals (if present):