Chemical Redistribution

These chemicals are all completely free!

The Environmental, Health & Safety Chemical Recycling Program

Professors move to other universities, researchers retire, and buildings are remodeled. We come in to clean up their lab and remove all leftover chemicals. We find many chemical items have become waste overtime. But we also find many surplus chemical items are still viable, in fact, many are still sealed. We catalog and index these surplus items and create a Chemical Redistribution list. When you use these surplus chemicals, you save money for UW-Madison's hazardous waste disposal bill. Hazardous waste disposal can cost as much as $8.00 per pound! The best reason to utilize our chemical redistribution services is because it can actually save YOU money. Review the list below and send us your order. We process orders as we receive them, on a first come, first served basis. Order delivery can occasionally take up to two weeks after receipt. If we get too many orders, we'll email you a tentative confirmation before delivery.

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Please list the chemical name, amount (gm/mL) and manufacturer for every chemical you desire. You may only request chemicals that are currently in the inventory and there is a limit of 10 chemicals per week.

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