Disposal Pickup Schedule

Printable Pickup Schedule (PDF)

Requests must be in by 9:00 a.m. for scheduled morning pickups and 1:00 p.m. for scheduled afternoon pickups.

Animal Pickups

  • Wednesday Morning – All of Campus, Research Park, Science Drive, Charmany Farms
  • Friday Morning – All of Campus, WSLH Ag. Drive

Chemical Pickups

  • Monday Afternoon – CSC, HLSC, CCRU (Cereal Crops Research Unit), Rennebohm, VA Hospital, Waisman, WIMR, Biotron, WARF
  • Tuesday Morning – Ag Engineering, Animal Science, AOSS, Art Loft, Bardeen/MSC/SMI, Birge Hall, Chamberlin, Engineering Campus (ERB, Eng. Hall, Mat. Sci, Mech. Eng, ECB, CAE), Grainger Hall, Humanities, Limnology, Memorial Union, Primate Center/Primate Research/Harlow, Robert P. Hanson (AHABS), Russell Labs, Science Hall, Sterling Hall, Water Science, Helen C. White, Weeks Hall (Geology Hall)
  • Tuesday Afternoon – Babcock Hall, Biochemistry Center, Bock Labs, Dairy Forage, Enzyme, Genetics/Biotechnology, Hiram Smith & Hiram Smith Annex, Horticulture/Moore Hall, McArdle Labs, Meat & Muscle Biology, Microbial Sciences, Natatorium, Nutritional Sciences, Plant Science, Police & Security/UW Police, Poultry Research Laboratory, Psychology, Service Building, Social Sciences, Soil Science/King Hall, Stovall, University Health Services, Veterinary School, Vilas Hall, Walnut St. Greenhouses, WVDL, Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery (WID), Wisconsin Energy Institute, Zoology/Noland , 30 N. Mills
  • Wednesday Morning – Research Park, Science Drive, Charmany Farms, West Clinic, Meriter
  • Wednesday Afternoon – Chemistry

    ***If your building is not listed, it will be scheduled separately along with lab cleanouts and other large pickup requests.