For questions regarding dosimetry please call 225-0020 or e-mail:

Application for Personnel Dosimeter

Requests for badges must be initiated by the Authorized user. Please fill out and submit the UW Dosimeter Application:

If you were previously in a monitoring program or had a dosimeter within the last calendar year, please also fill out a Request for Previous Dose History and submit with your dosimeter application. We need this to retrieve records from other institutions to keep your dose history complete:  Request for Dose History from Previous Employer

Report a Lost Dosimeter

Fill out the Dose Estimate for Lost Radiation Dosimeter form.

Pregnancy Surveillance Program

This Program is voluntary and confidential.  Please fill out the Declaration of Pregnancy Form.  After submitting you will be contacted by the program coordinator, Yuliya Henes.

For questions on the form or additional information, please contact Yuliya Henes at

View your Dose History

UW uses the Landauer MyLDR system. To view your dose history through the system:

  • Access the MyLDR site.
  • Enter the username and password for your account:
    • For UW Campus employees, username is UWCAMPUS
    • For UW Hospital employees, username is UWHOSPITAL
    • Password for all accounts is mydose50
    • If you are unsure of your account number, the number is printed on the back of your dosimetry badge. 
    • If you are unsure of which username to use, check the account number on your badge.
      • Account 199350 is UW Campus.
      • Account 199351 is UW Hospital.
  • On the next screen, enter the account number and the serial number from your badge, as indicated on the diagram.
  • If you no longer have a badge and need a dose report, contact UW Radiation Safety.

How to Read an Annual Form 5

How to Use a Dosimeter

View the five minute video, "How to Use a Dosimeter."