Eye Protection & Safety Eyewear

Your eyes are extremely vulnerable to injury and protecting them can be an easy thing to do if you follow basic preventative measures. Individuals should wear eye protection at all times when in a laboratory, not just during activities involving known hazardous materials. Inexpensive safety glasses are available from Material Distribution Services and other laboratory equipment suppliers. Contact lenses may be used with discretion and in combination with additional eye protection. This is particularly important as certain chemicals can cause contact lenses to bond to the eyes. For higher hazard activities, side shields on glasses, goggles or face masks may also be needed.

Prescription safety glasses, in a variety of stylish frames, may also be purchased at minimal cost from the Environment, Health & Safety Department (EH&S) under the state contract; call ahead to set up an appointment (608-890-1051). Many departments on campus will pay the cost of prescription safety glasses required for work. Ask your supervisor for details or go to the EH&S website and click on the Safety Glasses link for more information.