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Looking for a waste pickup?

The process can be a bit confusing. Here is some helpful information:

The waste pickup process occurs in two parts. The first part is inventory of the material, and the second is the actual waste request. If you have been keeping track of your inventory online by creating containers and distributing material from the vials to those containers, the process is very easy. If not, you will have to do the inventory step before you begin the waste request step.

If you're still having difficulty, please don't hesitate to call (608) 265-5000 for help.

Do you need a Cost Center Number?

Here's our guide to setting one up.

Ordering Information

Visit our Ordering Radioactive Materials Page.

A note on Requisition numbers and Inventory numbers:

The Requisition number is often similar to the vial's inventory number, but it's a different record that CORD uses for manufacturer to user shipping. When referring to vials, especially if you need to call about a vial or inventory issue, please be aware of which number you are using. 

  • Requisition numbers are used from the manufacturer to the user - they show up on the ordering page when you order material, and are printed on the vial bag when you receive your order.
  • Inventory numbers are used once the vial has reached a lab - it's the number on the inventory sheet you receive with your vial, and the one tied to the vial on the HPA inventory software.