Personal Protective Equipment

You and your supervisor, lab manager or principal investigator (PI) should complete a written PPE assessment as part of your orientation. The department provides the necessary PPE to protect you from workplace hazards you may be exposed to if the exposure cannot be eliminated or controlled by other means. You may be required to wear eye, face, head, hands, body, feet, hearing, and respiratory protection. Training on the proper use and care of PPE may be provided by your department, a vendor, or by EH&S.  

EH&S provides consultation on PPE selection and offers services related to personal-assigned equipment.

Prescription Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses Ordering Information Has Moved

Prescription safety glasses services are now provided by the Environmental and Occupational Health unit of University Health Services (UHS). The safety glasses appointment office has relocated to 333 East Campus Mall, room 6233. (Please sign in at the Green Clinic Reception Desk on the 6th floor).

Click here to visit and bookmark the new prescription safety eyeglasses informational page on the UHS website.


Laboratory Requirements

Whether you are working with biologicals, chemicals, and/or radioactive materials, all lab employees are required to wear closed-toed shoes, protective eyewear, and lab coats.

For more information on laboratory PPE requirements, please peruse our Chemical Hygiene Plan, section 4.3 of our Lab Safety Guide, or the Biohazard Recognition & Control manual.

Biosafety Requirements

Additional Information

The following Chemical Safety newsletter articles will provide additional insight into important PPE considerations.