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Welcome to the Office of Radiation Safety

  • Policy and standard development related to radiation safety regulatory matters with a focus on cost containment.
  • University of Wisconsin representation and intermediary to DHS, EPA, NRC, NIH, OSHA, USDA, FDA, CDC, DOE, DOT, other federal, state, and local regulatory agencies, neighboring communities, and professional organizations.
  • Technical assistance and evaluation to assess and communicate risks.
  • Investigation of incidents, exposures.
  • Authorizations, certifications and other in-house requirements.
  • Implementation of customized programs in radiation protection.
  • Training and education.
  • Collection, inventory and maintenance of records regarding exposures, waste, compliance and audits, permits and incidents.
  • Oversight of inspection and testing of campus radiation safety equipment and radiation protection systems.
  • Emergency planning and response.
  • Representation and support to relevant campus committees.
  • Centralized ordering, receiving, and distribution (CORD) of radioactive materials. 
  • Negotiation of contract pricing for radioactive materials.
  • Transportation and Shipping of radioactive material
For assistance contact: radiationsafety@wisc.edu