Simple Minds Swim Safety

Before you take your first splash into Lake Mendota, reflect on these Simple Minds songs to keep yourself healthy and having fun on and in the water.

Alive and Kicking (

Swim sober during the day with others in designated areas near the shore. University Bay hazards of high weeds, boating traffic, and shoreline construction increase risk of personal injury.

Check current conditions before entering. Hypothermia is a serious health condition associated with cold water early and late in the season.

Exposure to blue green algae may also affect respiratory, skin, and abdominal symptoms. If you have an exposure-related illness, seek medical care and report your illness to improve the health of all community members.

Don't You (Forget About Me)

Last year the campus community lost two students, Matt Roelse and John Nguyen, to drowning incidents in Lake Mendota. Click to read more about Matt and John.

If you find yourself witnessing or participating in a possible drowning, alert lifeguards, call the UW Lifesaving Station for rescue service at 262-3505, or 911 after hours to alert city and county emergency responders.

Sanctify Yourself

Take the time to know our lake environment and limits of your swimming and rescue skills. Recreational Sports aquatics offers swimming lessons, scuba diving, and a variety of Red Cross certifications. And sing a few Simple Minds songs to remind us all of common sense swimming safety while we enjoy our beautiful lakes in the summertime.