Tornado & Severe Weather Awareness Week 2015

The week of April 13-17, 2015, has been designated Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Emergency Management and the five National Weather Service Forecast Offices that service Wisconsin are asking that everyone take time to go over their safety plans so that they will be ready when severe weather strikes.

Thursday, April 16, 2015, a mock tornado drill will be conducted, with a mock tornado watch issued for all of Wisconsin and the adjacent coastal waters of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior at 1:00 PM. Listed below is the drill schedule that will be used State wide.

Drill Schedule

  • 1:00 PM -- National Weather Service issues a mock tornado watch for all of Wisconsin.
    • A watch means tornadoes are possible in the area.
    • Remain alert for approaching storms.
  • 1:45 PM -- National Weather Service issues mock tornado warning for all of Wisconsin.
    • A warning means a tornado has been sighted or indicated on weather radar.
    • Move to a place of safety immediately.
  • 2:00 PM -- End of Mock tornado watch/warning drill.

The purpose of a mock tornado drill is to ensure that staff, students and visitors know what to do and where to take shelter should a tornado or severe weather arise. To help promote Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week, Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) is asking that each facility review with their building occupants, their building’s Occupant Emergency Plan (OEP) to ensure building occupants are familiar with safety procedures related to tornado/severe weather, shelter-in-place shelter locations, and building evacuation map locations.

If you find yourself in an office building, hospital, or laboratory building when severe weather is sighted, go directly to an enclosed, windowless area in the center of the building staying away from glass. Crouch down and cover your head. Interior stairwells and below grade hallways are usually good places to take shelter. However, do not enter an elevator. If the power goes out you could become trapped. If you find yourself in a large lecture hall with a wide-span ceiling, professors or instructors should advice students to move to an interior room.

It is the goal of the University to ensure the safety of everyone that works or visits our campus. We would like to extend our appreciation to campus staff for helping to promote the importance of Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week.

Additional information about Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week can be found at the following links: