Biosafety 102: Bloodborne Pathogens for Laboratory and Research

This training has been developed specifically for researchers working with potentially infectious human materials and meets the requirements for annual training in the Bloodborne Pathogens Program. This course relates the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard to biological research settings for those working with human blood, cells, tissue, and other potentially infectious material. This course is both the initial bloodborne pathogen training and the annual refresher.

Format: Self-register at any time using Learn@UW . Once registered, this course will be continually available to you for initial training as well as renewal training.

Prerequisite: None

Completion Requirement: Quiz score of 70% or higher. Quiz may be taken more than once.

Renewal: Annually

Renewal Process: Review the course materials in Learn@UW and pass the quiz with a 70% or higher score. Self-registration is not required for renewal; this course will be available on your Learn@UW "My Home" page indefinitely for your renewal convenience.

Training Record: See information on the Records tab of Biosafety Training page.