Radiation Safety 101 - Part II

Radiation Safety for Radiation Workers

This in-person course (Part II of RSRW) will focus on the practical aspects of our program and the safe use of radionuclides in the laboratory. Completion of both Part I and II are mandatory and based on regulatory requirements for those who will be using radioactive materials at UW-Madison.

This training course is held on the second floor of the Environmental Protection and Safety Building:

30 East Campus Mall
Room 262
Madison, WI  53715

Format: In-person; register online through OHRD

Location: Environmental Protection and Safety Building; 30 East Campus Mall. >> Directions

Prerequisite: Radiation Safety 101 Part 1

Renewal: None

Portions I and II of Radiation Safety 101 are required to be completed in order to become an Authorized User of radioactive material at UW-Madison.