Biosafety 207: Bio HazMat Shipping Training Recertification


The Office of Biological Safety (OBS) provides a training program for shipping infectious substances and other biological materials with an emphasis on laboratories and research groups. This concentrated infectious & biological hazardous materials shipping training is offered as a service only to University of Wisconsin System and Campus employees, staff, faculty and students

Among the topics covered are: Federal regulatory definitions of infectious substances, patient specimens and biological products; use of the Dangerous Goods Table to locate proper shipping instructions; requirements for shipping biologicals with dry ice; proper packaging; and correct completion of the shipping documentation.

Required for RENWAL of training certification as a hazardous materials shipper of biological and infectious substances.


  • For training certificate and renewal details, please see the HazMat Shipping and Transportation page.
  • If your previous training through OBS is more than 2 years, 3 months old, you are ineligible for recertification and will be asked to complete certification as a “New OBS Trainee”.
  • If you have been previously certified for hazardous materials shipping through another agency and want to renew certification through OBS, you will be asked to complete the OBS training as if you are a “new trainee”.
  • OBS offers concentrated infectious & biological hazardous materials shipping training as a service to UW employees, staff, faculty and students.
  • The certificate issued by OBS certifies completion of compliant training on a specific date by the employee; your individual employer (e.g. department, group, laboratory, manager, PI, etc.) may accept this training as adequate for your designation as a certified hazmat employee.  Each Hazmat employer is responsible for compliance with the requirements of DOT regulation 49CFR Part172.700 regardless of whether the training required by these regulations has been completed.
  • Any Hazardous Materials Shipping Training program (here at OBS or through an external agency) provides compliant materials and information which are adequate for hazmat shipping certification. The training program will issue documentation to confirm training has been completed; this documentation must be supported by your employer’s consent that you are a certified hazmat shipping employee.
  • Federal law requires training in the regulations so your employer can certify you to ship hazmat. You and your employing department or laboratory group may choose training outside of UW.   For more information go to the US DOT HazMat Transportation Regulations webpage.

Shippers of biological materials and dry ice

Biosafety 205 and Biosafety 206 within the last two years
Every two years

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