Notification of Potential Dual Use Research of Concern (DURC) Form

Notification of Potential DURC Form

  • 1. Contact Information

    1.1 Principal Investigator (PI)

  • 2. Project Information

    Please identify any life sciences research you conduct at this institution that directly involves nonattenuated forms of one or more of the agents listed below (please use a separate form for each identified project). If none of the agents are identified, your research is not subject to institutional DURC oversight. However, PIs should be aware that, if at any time, research is initiated that involves any of the below listed agents, he or she will need to immediately notify the institutional review entity (or appropriate institutional authority), per the policy of this institution.

  • 3. Training of Laboratory Personnel

    The Policy for Institutional DURC Oversight requires that all laboratory personnel (i.e., those under the supervision of laboratory leadership, including graduate students, postdoctoral students, postdoctoral fellows, research technicians, laboratory staff, and visiting scientists) conducting research with nonattenuated forms of 1 or more of the 15 listed agents have received education and training on DURC.Please indicate whether the following laboratory personnel involved in this project have received DURC training:

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • As a reminder, if there is a change in this research with respect to the applicability of any of the seven experimental effects, or if the PI, for any reason, thinks the research needs to be reconsidered by the IRE for DURC potential, the PI should submit this form again with his/her revised assessment.