Fire & Life Safety

The University of Wisconsin–Madison Environment Health & Safety Department’s Fire & Life Safety section is comprised of a small team of dedicated professionals with expertise in fire protection equipment, such as fire extinguishers and suppression systems, emergency planning and preparedness, and fire code regulations involving activities on campus.

EH&S Fire & Life Safety educates the UW campus in fire protection, safety, and awareness. This is executed through various channels including annual fire alarm / evacuation drills, posting building specific evacuation route maps, and hands-on fire extinguisher training. Fire & Life Safety strives to meet the standards of the code by inspecting fire extinguishers on a monthly and annual basis. We also inspect and test our fire suppression systems and emergency shower and eyewash stations on a semi-annual basis.

AED Campus Policy

Fire Protection Impairment FAQs

Phone: 608-265-5000 (Ext: 6)

Jeff Schiller
Environmental Health Manager (Fire & Life Safety)
Cell phone: 608-225-7693