Annual training refresher

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Labs should conduct refresher training annually that is specific to the lab’s procedures and hazards. If you need ideas on how to make training effective while also being fun and engaging, try any of these ideas:

  • Practice cleaning up a biological spill using Glo Germ.
  • Practice donning/doffing gloves using Glo Germ, shaving cream, etc.
  • Find the nearest eyewash while blindfolded.
  • Have a scavenger hunt.
  • Play Jeopardy using a lab-specific Jeopardy board.

Annual lab-specific training for animal caretakers overseeing the care of research animals is also important. It is an opportunity for you to provide relevant, up-to-date, lab-specific information on the biological materials used in conjunction with your animals. Here are some points to cover during training:

  • Describe the microbe, routes of infection, and any recombinant modifications made.
  • Describe any biological materials including biological toxins administered to the animals.
  • Discuss containment measures, risk mitigation, and other safeguards in place while handling your animals.
  • Give an overview of PPE used and if/when there are allowable deviations from standard PPE used in vivarium spaces.
  • Review disposal of bedding/waste, carcasses, and cages.
  • Review disinfectants and decontamination methods.
  • Provide opportunities for questions.

Annual training is a great opportunity to share and communicate hazards.

Don’t forget training needs to be documented. A template for documenting lab specific training along with suggested topics can be downloaded here.

Download Template

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