EH&S Organizational Update

A number of changes have occurred in the past year at Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S). The changes have been brought forth by position vacancies, internal restructuring, and COVID-related campus support needs. Christopher Strang, Assistant Vice Chancellor at EH&S, is appreciative of the team’s performance since he joined the team in 2019 and looks forward to the positive impact that these changes bring to our broad campus community.

Biological Safety

At the end of 2020, the Select Agent Program, Biosafety Cabinet Certification Program, and Biocontainment Facilities Specialist Position within the Engineering and Technical Services group of EH&S have been permanently integrated into the Office of Biological Safety. The reporting structure has been reorganized into four teams: IBC and Laboratory Operations, Animal Research Safety, Select Agent/DURC, and BSC Program. Each team now has a manager that reports directly to The Office of Biological Safety. The reporting structure will function as the following:

Chemical Safety

Jon Jackson joined EH&S as a Senior Environmental Compliance Specialist last April. He will be working with Chris Eggers to develop enhanced compliance programming through increased stakeholder engagement. 

Todd Yanke has taken on a new role as manager of the Laboratory Chemical Safety team. Todd will be responsible for developing lab audit procedures and enhancing chemical safety as well as compliance in campus labs.

Jake Stottler has expanded his role as a Media Specialist to assist the FP&M communications team. Jake has been managing the EH&S website as well as creating visual media for use at both EH&S and FP&M.

Environmental Occupational Health

Pam Kostle’s retirement set a few changes into place to help prioritize and support unit functions.

Randy Hentschel has stepped up to focus more on compliance data management and written compliance program development.

Maddie Wojciuk has been leading the COVID Outbreak Investigation Team as well as playing a leadership role in developing program activities with the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection compliance program preparation and response.

Ben Weiler and Cody Mertens are currently reporting to Jessica Cebula.

Avelene Adler has been leading efforts to develop and support outbreak investigation, PPE dashboard, and incident investigations.

Jessica Cebula, Trina Copus, Jenny Hayes, Tara Cordes, Randy Hentschel and Julie Clark are reporting to Jim Morrison in the interim period while the MPA Sr.position is being filled.

Both OH Manager and MPA positions are currently being recruited and organizational changes will be re-evaluated pending the completion of the position recruitment. 

Julie Clark will be retiring at the end of May. Julie has been a key element in EOH operations.

General/Workplace Safety

EH&S and Physical Plant are partnering in the continued improvement of ‘Safety Culture’ at UW. Mike Peña, Director of Safety Management, has been integrated into EH&S to improve these continued efforts.

Brian Higby and Karl Stelzer have expanded their current roles by being assigned to the Physical Plant Safety Management program..

Radiation Safety

Avery Schwab left his Radiation Safety Technician position in February. Approval to backfill the position has been granted, the job is currently posted.

PJ Seel will be leaving his HP position at the hospital next month.