Handling and Storing Radioactive Materials Form

Handling and Storing Radioactive Materials form

  • Do not eat, drink, or perform other hand-to-mouth procedures (e.g. licking stamps or labels,applying makeup, etc) in any room or lab which has been posted Caution - Radioactive Materials. Do not mouth pipette.

    Do not bring personal belongings into the radioactive work areas of the lab. Avoid wearing rings, watches, and similar items during work. Wearing shorts or open-toed shoes is also not recommended.

    Do not work with radioactive materials if you have an open cut or wound.

    Do not store food or drink containers in the same location as radioactive materials. This particularly applies to refrigerators containing, or labeled as containing, radioactive materials.

    If issued a radiation dosimeter, wear it when working with radiation sources.

    When doing a new procedure, perform a "dry run" without radioactive materials to learn the procedure.

    Immediately after use or work with radioactive materials, wash hands then monitor them thoroughly. Monitor hands and clothing for radioactive contamination during and after work, especially before leaving the lab. If you are contaminated or suspect that you are contaminated, wash the contaminated area and re-monitor as necessary. Notify Radiation Safety of problems.

    Workers should be thoroughly familiar with the properties of the radionuclide(s) they are using. If you are uncertain about the safety of a procedure or have any questions about radioactivity, call Radiation Safety, 5-5000.

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