All radionuclide purchases must be made through CORD (Central Ordering Receiving and Distribution). Our RAM license specifies that all shipments be made to our 30 East Campus Mall address. To order radionuclides you must be assigned an authorized RAM user by your respective PI.

CORD is staffed Monday through Friday during regular business hours.  All deliveries of licensed radioactive material require a signature from a trained radiation worker that is knowledgeable about the storage requirements of the specific material.  Requisitions are collected between 12:00-12:30 PM.  Requisitions made after noon will generally be placed the next day.

The most popular vendor/product combination is Perkin Elmer P-32. Perkin Elmer produces a fresh lot each Thursday. Most P-32 products from Perkin Elmer are delivered overnight, but we cannot guarantee shipping times. There are no weekend deliveries.

CORD. will place orders to the vendor of your choice. Be aware that contracted vendors generally offer the lowest prices. If you choose a non-contract vendor, you must supply to CORD the contact information such as vendor name, item number, web address and/or phone number.

A note on Requisition numbers and Inventory numbers:

The Requisition number is often similar to the vial’s inventory number.  The requisition number is created at the time you request an order be placed.  The inventory number is created once the order has been received and receipted by CORD.  Please be aware of which number you are using.


Sydney Larrabee | Cord

CORD can be contacted during regular business hours at 608-957-5876.

State of WI RAM License Number: 25-1323-01