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Consistent with UW-3043, all non-exempt radioactive material should be ordered by the Office of Radiation Safety through, and delivered to, the Central Ordering Receiving and Distribution (CORD) office.  There are special circumstances when material may be ordered or delivered outside of this process, but that requires special arrangements ahead of time.  To order radionuclides you must be assigned an authorized RAM user by your respective PI. Requisitions are collected between 12:00-12:30 PM.  Requisitions made after noon will generally be placed the next day.


With the exception of special events and holidays, CORD is staffed Monday through Friday during regular business hours.  Radioactive material deliveries are delivered to the CORD lab for check in consistent with DOT regulations and addition to the EHSA inventory.  Every effort is made to deliver material to labs within a few hours of receipt.  All deliveries of licensed radioactive material require a signature from a trained radiation worker that is knowledgeable about the storage requirements of the specific material.  There are no weekend deliveries.  We cannot guarantee shipping times and are often at the mercy of our shipping partners

Inventory and Requisition Numbers

The Requisition number is often similar to the vial’s inventory number.  The requisition number is created at the time you request an order be placed.  The inventory number is created once the order has been received and receipted by CORD.  Please be aware of which number you are using.


CORD will place orders to the vendor of your choice.  It should be noted that contracted vendors (some of those listed below) generally the lowest prices. If you choose a non-contract vendor, you must supply the CORD office the contact information such as vendor name, item number, web address and/or phone number.


Sydney Larrabee | Cord

CORD can be contacted during regular business hours at 608-957-5876.

State of WI RAM License Number: 25-1323-01

CORD Address

30 East Campus Mall
CORD – Room 147
Madison, WI 53715

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Customer Number Request/Update Form


EHSA Ordering Authorization Form

CORD Ordering Instructions


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Amstat Industries

Amstat Industries is a provider of solutions for static issues especially in laboratories.  These static eliminator devices often contain radioactive material with a short half-life requiring regular replacement. One popular device is the Staticmaster.

American Radiolabeled Chemicals

American Radiolabeled Chemicals (ARC) is a supplier of chemicals labeled with radioactive material including off the shelf items and custom synthesis.  Their catalog contains over 4,000 items.


Beckman Coulter

Beckman Coulter is a supplier of products used in clinical diagnostics and clinical laboratories.

BWXT Medical

BWXT Medical is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. The most common isotope ordered from them is In-111, with fresh lots manufactured every Tuesday. In order to receive a fresh lot, but must be over the activity of 20 mCi. To guarantee same day shipment, orders must be placed with the vendor before noon central time.

Eckert and Ziegler

Eckert and Ziegler

Eckert and Ziegler is a worldwide supplier of radioactive material for medical, scientific, and industrial uses. Their scope of supply includes both sealed and unsealed radioactive material.

Gartzke Products

Gartzke Products is a small local supplier that provides a full line of nuclear medicine accessories and radioactive calibration sources.


Moravek is a well-known provider of C-14 and H-3 radiolabeled compounds that can be done at three different quality levels. They also specialize in GMP C-14 active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) that are compliant with the FDA.

MP Biomedicals

MP Biomedicals is a provider of reagents and instruments for life science research, diagnostics, and pharmaceuticals.

National Isotope Development Center

The National Isotope Development Center (NIDC) has a large catalog of radionuclides available for production.  However, it should be noted that availability and prices vary, and certain productions are not feasible at certain times.

Perkin Elmer / Revvity

Their most popular product is P-32.  Perkin Elmer produces a fresh lot of P-32 each Thursday.  Most P-32 products from Perkin Elmer are delivered overnight.

Phoenix Pharmaceuticals

Phoenix Pharmaceuticals is a supplier that has peptides, both unlabeled and labeled, and assay kits.

University of Wisconsin - Cyclotron

The Cyclotron Research Group in the Department of Medical Physics makes radionuclides for medical diagnosis, disease treatment, and fundamental scientific inquiry. They provide radionuclides to colleagues on and off campus. For the last decade, they have distributed radionuclides nationally.

Radionuclide Distribution

University of Wisconsin - Nuclear Reactor

University of Wisconsin – Nuclear Reactor

Using neutrons to activate samples, various radioactive isotopes can be produced.  For more information about what isotopes can be produced or to request isotope production, email the Reactor Lab at