Radiation Protection Items

Radiation Protection Items commonly known as RPI are devices composed of lead or lead equivalent material intended to protect staff and patients from ionizing radiation.

RPI’s consist of aprons, gloves, vests, skirt/kilts, thyroid, gonadal and portable shields.  Shielded eyewear is also available.  No testing is required for eyewear.





Canva Training

If you wear or have RPI in your lab please complete this training.



The Office of Radiation Safety (ORS) will complete fluoroscopic testing biennially (every two years) of your RPI.  ORS will ensure that RPI are free of defects due to damage or normal wear.  Damaged RPI will be removed from service and properly disposed of.  A SmartID tag will also be placed on each RPI so it can be added to our web-based asset management platform.  The testing guide below allows us to know when an RPI was tested last.  A colored velcro goes on the back of each SmartID tag.



All RPI should be stored on a hook or hanger.  This will decrease the change of damage to the RPI.  Thyroid shields that are tethered to an apron should be stored around the arm of the RPI to decrease pulling on the neckline.  Improper storage is the leading cause of RPI failure.





RPI should be cleaned with DisCide Ultra Disinfecting wipes or spray after each use.  You may also spot clean with mild soap and water.