New: Researchers’ Biosafety Manual

We are excited to announce that the UW–Madison Researchers’ Biosafety Manual has been revised to incorporate significant updates! The Manual will be available on the Office of Biological Safety web page very soon!

Sneak peek

We hope that you will check it out to explore the many updated sections, including: general principles of biological safety, personal protective equipment (PPE), plant biosafety, biological safety cabinets (BSC), waste disposal, and emergency plans.

Additionally, new sections have been added in order to best serve our research community. A few highlights are:

  • Animal biosafety levels
  • Aquatic containment
  • Wild caught animal considerations
  • Arthropod containment
  • Service guidance
  • Biological toxins
  • UV light treatment
  • Import/Transport and Related Permits
  • Considerations for teaching laboratories
  • Considerations for core facilities
  • Consideration for large scale activities

Please see check back soon!

Contact the Office of Biological Safety if you have questions.

It’s Biosafety and Biosecurity Month 2021! Learn about the latest biological safety updates that impact labs like yours on the UW–Madison campus, and get the poster to help spread the word.

The Office of Biological Safety is a proud member of the American Biological Safety Association (ABSA).