Radiation Training Manual

This manual is written for individuals who anticipate working with or around sources of ionizing radiation or small amounts of radioactive materials in a research setting at UW–Madison. It provides the radiation worker with basic information needed to protect himself/herself and others (i.e., non-radiation workers), and to understand and comply with Federal, State, and University regulations regarding the use of radioactive materials or radiation-producing machines at the UW. It is designed for a wide spectrum of individuals including physicians, researchers, technicians, and those who work in areas where radioactive materials or radiation producing devices are being used.

Download the 2005 edition of the Radiation Safety Training Manual

Table of Contents

  1. Radiation and Radioactivity
  2. Biological Effects of Radiation
  3. Radiation Protection Standards
  4. Radiation Safety Principles
  5. Radioactive Material Work Practices
  6. Emergency Procedures and Decontamination
  7. Radiation Detection and Measurement
  8. Transportation of Radioactive Materials
  9. Irradiators and Nuclear Gauges
  10. Analytical and Medical X-rays
  11. Nuclear Reactors
  12. Particle Accelerators
  13. Radiation in Medicine
  14. Radioactive Waste
  15. Laser Safety
  16. UV Radiation Safety
  17. Electromagnetic Radiation

Appendices and Lab Exercises

Appendix A: Glossary

Appendix B-1: Prenatal Radiation Exposure Information (Rev. 3)

Appendix B-2: Prenatal Radiation Exposure Information (Draft Rev. 3)

Appendix B-3: Instruction Concerning Risks from Occupational Radiation Exposure (Rev. 2)

Appendix D: Application for Personnel Dosimeter

Appendix E: Sample Radiation Safety Quiz

Appendix F: Answers to Chapter Review Questions

Laboratory Exercises

Lab 1: Radiation Detection and Measurement

Lab 2: Record Keeping for Radiation Labs

UW Radiation Safety Regulations