Biosafety 205: Bio HazMat Shipping Training


Provides initial training AND renewal training for hazardous materials shipping of biological materials and dry ice. Compliant with IATA/ICAO Dangerous Goods and US DOT 49CFR Hazardous Materials Regulations. Once registered, this course will be continually available to you for any renewal or refresher training.

This course consists of multiple Shipping Training Paths, each earning a certificate of training. Each Path is independent with its own quiz and certificate, you only complete the paths you need for the materials you ship. To complete a Training Path you must have a passing score on the quiz and print the quiz score page for your certificate.

  • Campus Transport of Biologicals and Dry Ice Training Path
  • Exempt & Unregulated Biological Shipping Training Path
  • GMO/GMMO Shipping Training Path
  • Biological Substance, Category B Training Path
  • Infectious Substance Category A Training Path
  • Dry Ice Shipping Training Path
  • Toxins Extracted from Living Sources Training Path

Certificates:  Quiz Score page printout is your certificate for each Training Path

We will no longer send separate certificates to individuals – you must print your quiz score page


Shippers of biological materials and dry ice

2 years (24 months) for GMO/GMMO, Biological Substance, Category B, Infectious Substance Category A and Dry Ice

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