Biosafety 205: Bio HazMat Shipping Training


Provides initial training AND renewal training for hazardous materials shipping of biological materials and dry ice.  Compliant with IATA/ICAO Dangerous Goods and US DOT 49CFR Hazardous Materials Regulations.  Once registered, this course will be continually available to you for any renewal or refresher training.

This course consists of 6 separate Training Pathways, each earning a certificate of training.  Each Path is independent with its own quiz and certificate, you only complete the paths you need for the materials you ship.  To complete a training Path you must have a passing score on the quiz and print the quiz score page for your certificate.

  • Campus Transport of Biologicals and Dry Ice Path
  • Exempt & Unregulated Biological Shipping Path
  • GMO/GMMO Shipping Path
  • Biological Substance, Category B Shipping Path
  • Infectious Substance Category A Shipping Path
  • Dry Ice Shipping Path

Certificates:  Quiz Score page printout is your certificate for each Training Path

We will no longer send separate certificates to individuals – you must print your quiz score page


Shippers of biological materials and dry ice

2 years (24 months) for GMO/GMMO, Biological Substance, Category B, Infectious Substance Category A and Dry Ice

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