Radiation Safety 105: Radioactive Materials Shipper’s Training


Radioactive Materials Shipper’s training is now on Canvas. This course explains how to comply with Department of Transportation (DOT) and other regulations when shipping and receiving radioactive materials.

Most shipping and receiving of radioactive materials is completed by ORS staff, however there are a some groups outside of ORS who require this training.

You do not need this training if you receive all radioactive materials through CORD or are returning expired sealed sources to CORD.

Contact ORS at radiationsafety@wisc.edu  if you think you need this course and if ORS determines that you require this course, you will be given the registration link. A score of 80% is required to pass.

If you have previously taken this course will be sent the link at least one month before renewal is due. Renewal must be completed at least every 3 years, per 49 CFR 172.704 (c) (3).


Anyone who will ship radioactive materials, prepare such shipments, or receive such shipments directly from outside the University (e.g. PET isotopes).

Radiation Safety 101 parts I and II
Every three years

Contact Elizabeth Oseid for more information at elizabeth.oseid@wisc.edu.

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