Biosafety Cabinet Vacuum Traps: Assembly, Safeguards, and Use

filled beaker with hose connecting to test tubeBiosafety Month 2022

Have you recently acquired a Biosafety Cabinet (BSC) and are in need of a vacuum trap? Is your vacuum trap aging and not working effectively? We can help!

In this new guidance document, you will find:

  • The Basic Design of a functional vacuum trap for your BSC
  • Recommendations regarding how to assemble a vacuum trap
  • A list of components including inline HEPA Filter, Flasks, Tubing and Stoppers
  • The “Dos” and “Don’ts” of assembling a vacuum trap
  • Discussion of waste disposal and disinfectants
  • Discussion on an Efficacy Check for your disinfectant 

Have a look at our Vacuum Trap Assembly, Safeguards and Use Guidance.

See Guidance

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