“OK to Trash” Stickers

Okay to Trash poster Biosafety Month 2022

Reminder for laboratory researchers

The “OK to Trash” sticker is a tool to communicate that laboratory trash is safe to handle for custodial or other non-laboratory staff and can be disposed of into regular trash.

After autoclaving your orange, clear or opaque biohazard waste bags, secure them closed and attach an “OK to Trash” sticker. The bags can then be put out for custodial pick-up for disposal in regular trash.

Always fill out the information on an “OK to Trash” sticker – Name and Room number – so custodial staff know who to contact with any questions about the bag before disposal.

Never use an “OK to Trash” sticker on a red biohazard waste bag. Red bags must be disposed of into MERI bins.

“OK to Trash” stickers and handy, informational “OK to Trash” posters are available to order on the EH&S Signage page.

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