Card Cage Labeling and Packaging for Incineration

Cage Cards

Many laboratories across campus work with animals. While proper animal care is critical, effective communication is essential to ensure workers are not exposed to biological, chemical, or radiation hazards. Cage cards with hazard labels provide safety warnings for staff.

Cage cards must provide the following information:

  •  Name of the responsible investigator
  • Current name(s) and contact information for research personnel in case of emergency
  • Approved protocol number
  • Any biohazards, chemical hazards, or radioactive material  the animal has been exposed to (please see the online course “Risk Communication in Animal Facilities“)
    • Cage card hazard labels for biological, chemical and radioactive material hazards are available on our EH&S signage page.

Please see additional information on cage cards in the UW Policy Library.

Packaging Animal Carcasses for Incineration

Research laboratories often utilize animals in their experiments. Environment Health & Safety provides an incineration service for the disposal of experimental animal tissue and carcasses. It is very important to package these materials properly for safe and effective processing.

Visit the ‘Animal Disposal Services Page‘ on our website to see the method outlined for this service or to schedule a pickup.

Animal Disposal Poster is available by request on our Signage Order Form.

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