New: Animal Biosafety Training and Signs

Animal Biosafety Level 2 Training

Animal biosafety level 2 or ABSL-2 is required for work involving agents that pose moderate hazards to people, animals, or the environment. This level requires additional training and supervision. The ABSL-2 Training course provided by Animal Research Safety was recently updated. Employees will learn about the differences between ABSL-1 and ABSL-2 and the requirements for working with hazardous pathogens such as transportation, proper PPE, and waste management. You can find the course on the EH&S website under Training and then filtering by Animal Workers.

Animal Biosafety Level 2 Signage

The Animal Biosafety Level 2 door sign got an update! To more accurately reflect that animal work is happening, signs now indicate Animal Biosafety Level rather than just Biosafety Level. The new signs are clearer and simplify the content. It differentiates minimum PPE required for entering an animal room versus required PPE for handling treated animals.

It’s Biosafety and Biosecurity Month 2021! Learn about the latest biological safety updates that impact labs like yours on the UW–Madison campus, and get the poster to help spread the word.

The Office of Biological Safety is a proud member of the American Biological Safety Association (ABSA).