New Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Bio-ARROW Section Available for Researchers

The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) section in Bio-ARROW has been updated to include expanded options and multiple entries when amending or renewing a biosafety protocol. This new page offers flexibility and allows the Study Team to add details about the type of PPE worn based on location, agent, and/or activity.

The Study Team may add multiple entries in this section and are able to choose options such as always worn in all laboratory space(s), worn in specific location(s), worn when working with specific agent(s), or worn during specific activities.

Find guidance for completing the PPE section on the Bio-ARROW – SmartForm – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) web page in the ARROW Institutional Biosafety Committee Knowledge Base.

Please contact the Office of Biological Safety if you have questions or if you need assistance completing the section.

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