Refresher Training Ideas

person wearing hazmat suit shown from the shoulders up and smlingBiosafety Month 2022

Having a hard time coming up with ideas for your annual lab-specific refresher training? We can help! Consider incorporating several topics into one training session. Here are some suggestions:

  • Conduct a biological spill and response drill
  • Practice PPE donning and doffing procedures with Glogerm
  • Review your biological agent-specific properties and risks
  • Review your procedures for using and disposal of sharps safety, especially if there has been an incident or even a near miss
  • Discuss your lab biosafety protocol, safety manual and SOPs
  • Review your lab’s procedure for transport of biologicals on campus
  • Discuss and practice the safe operation of aerosol-generating equipment and safety precautions

And to make it even easier on you, we now have a Biosafety Training Documentation Template to capture what you covered during your lab-specific refresher training. Find the template on the forms page.

See Forms Page

colorful illustration with stick figure people and colorful shapes representing biological safety concepts with lines connected and gray world continents map in backgroundIt’s Biosafety and Biosecurity Month 2022! Learn about the latest biological safety updates that impact labs like yours on the UW–Madison campus, and get the flyer to help spread the word.

The UW-Madison Office of Biological Safety is a proud member of the American Biological Safety Association (ABSA).