Animal Research Safety Trainings

mouseBiosafety Month 2022

Occupational health and safety concerns will vary depending on different animal species. From developing allergies towards certain mammals to accidental exposure of a zoonotic pathogen, it is important to be aware, prepared, and work safely with different species.

The Animal Research Safety team has been working hard to update some of the many online safety training courses available as well as create new content. Whether you work with non-human primates or mice, we have a course for that! Below is a list of the recently updated (or new) courses we offer. You can find links to them on the EH&S training website. If you have any additional concerns regarding safety around animals, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Animal Research Safety!

Latest Course Updates:

  • ABSL-2 Training
  • Agricultural Safety Training
  • Animal Allergens
  • Cage Wash and Autoclave Safety
  • Reproductive Hazards in Research
  • Risk Communication in Animal Facilities
  • Safety for Personnel with Animal Contact

colorful illustration with stick figure people and colorful shapes representing biological safety concepts with lines connected and gray world continents map in backgroundIt’s Biosafety and Biosecurity Month 2022! Learn about the latest biological safety updates that impact labs like yours on the UW–Madison campus, and get the poster to help spread the word.

The UW-Madison Office of Biological Safety is a proud member of the American Biological Safety Association (ABSA).