Safety Data Sheets Request Form

A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is a detailed document created by the chemical manufacturer for a specific chemical. The SDS must be in English and contain the following: chemical or common name as it appears on the label, physical and chemical characteristics, physical and health hazards, primary routes of entry precautions for safe handling and use, control measures such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), work practices or engineering controls, emergency and first aid procedures, the date of preparation, name and address of manufacturer. If no relevant information is found for any of the categories on the SDS then the preparer can mark it to indicate that no applicable information is found. There is no specific format for a SDS.

SDS must be included in each initial shipment and with the first shipment after a SDS is updated. If the chemical manufacturer becomes newly aware of any significant information regarding the hazards of the chemical they produce, this new information shall be added to the SDS within three months.

Electronic, microfiche and other alternatives to paper copies of SDS are permitted as long as no barriers exist to immediate employee access on all work shifts.

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Safety Data Sheet Request Form