Lab Clean-Outs

If you have a large chemical stockpile (> 50 containers over 100 grams each) that is too big for a standard Chemical Pickup Request, your lab may want to schedule a lab clean-out.

Examples of when to request a lab clean-out include, but are not limited to:

  • When your lab has completed a lab move. Please do not move your unwanted chemicals. Leave them on a shelf in your old lab that says, “For Chemical Safety Removal”
  • When your lab has decided to end its operations
  • When the chemical stockpile in your lab has become too large and old

During a lab clean-out, chemical disposal experts will help you sort your large amounts of chemicals and remove all dangerous items. We will also assist you with bulk disposal of flammable liquids, safely neutralizing acids, and the disposal of harmless salts and normal trash items.

Lab clean-outs are best when we work together and your assistance is very important to us. We need your expertise in order to evaluate the stock of chemicals and identify items with missing or unidentifiable labels.

Please note: When we are helping you segregate chemicals, we appreciate having fume hood space and a good lab sink nearby. Also, we like to plan ahead and arrange the lab clean-outs for dates/times that work well with both of our schedules.

Generally, most of the lab clean-outs are scheduled for Thursdays and are based on order receiving your request.

Lab Clean-Out Request Form

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