Detection Devices


Portable meters are calibrated by Radiation Safety. Your meter should have a sticker on the side from Radiation Safety, detailing its calibration date, serial number, units of measurement, and next calibration date.

Meters will be picked-up from your lab when they are due for calibration. A loaner will be given to you as needed. If you find that your meter has not been calibrated, please let us know by emailing

When ordering a new meter, please contact us for initial calibration. If ordering a meter other than one mentioned on the “Choosing a Portable Meter” page, please contact us before ordering. If we are unable to provide calibration service for your meter, it will need to be sent to a third party annually for service.

LSC and Gamma counters are calibrated and serviced by a third party. Please contact us for more information. LSC Standards must to be run every six months, and the records kept to indicate that the instrument is working properly. If you do not have a set of standards, please contact us for information on obtaining a set. Leaving the standards in the machine is easiest way to ensure that the machine is functioning correctly.



Jason Larrabee
Radiation Safety Technician
Phone: 608-212-3604

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